Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Start up

It didn't take us more than a fraction of a second, to agree on taking up the project of binding books. Though let me assure you alot of other things have had us arguing and disagreeing, till the wee hours in the morning.
We are a team of a graphic designer and a film maker who have taken to binding most naturally. We enjoy binding and customising books for friends and family and have mostly gifted our hand bound books. We indulge in experimenting and often come up with interesting results. Encouraged by friends we have now taken up the task of binding around 50 books which will be up on display and sale on our college's annual festival, 'RGB' in March.
Sew Me is our little project which is another experiment, where we are looking at crafting books within a budget, and a limited amount of time.
We will keep updating the blog, to document the process and you of course get to see the end result. Feel free to comment or give suggestions.

Sew you soon,
Saishraddha Malage
Samridhi Thapliyal

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